Maria Popova on the Tim Ferriss Show


Best bit of audio on the web at this moment, the great Maria Popova doing a Q&A on the mighty Tim Ferriss​ Show. If you create anything, blogs, film, writing, food, and what to live comfortably in your skin while doing so, I urge you to listen to and digest this, multiple times if necessary. Seriously, this is concentrated good stuff.

From Tim’s introduction: “Founded in 2006 as a weekly email to seven friends, BrainPickings now gets more than 5 million readers per month (!). I read very few blogs regularly, but BrainPickings is one of the few that makes the cut. It’s a treasure trove. Maria is massively successful, and her output is staggering. None of it’s accidental, and she’s great at teaching what she’s learned. This episode answers the top-10 most popular questions you all had for Maria, including:

  • The single attribute that leads to greatness in any given field
  • Required reading and habits for anyone in public office
  • How Henry David Thoreau was the first to talk about the dangers of sitting
  • Why we must stop referring to our work as “content”

Really, you haven’t listened yet? Schedule some time today or tomorrow.

And if after that you are thirsty for more, ingest this too, the original appearance on the Tim Ferriss show which inspired the Q&A


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