7 rules to being a creative writing genius

I know how you feel, and I have the answer. You want to be a creative writing genius, you want to write words which send chills down the spinal cords of your readers. You want to turn casual page flippers into maniacal devoted followers in the first 100 words of everything you write.

Don’t worry it’s not your fault, there’s a lot of misinformation about creativity out there which involves a lot of heavy lifting and complicated theoretical templates and stuff you have to keep track of. Help is at hand, however. The secrets are surprisingly simple and to prove what a terrific guy I am I’ll give them to you now. Seriously. In order to be a sparkling creative genius there are a handful (if you have seven fingers on your hand) of simple things which you can do right now which will set you on the road to being a writing genius.

Walk with me now as we stroll down a moonlit arcade of trees, soft music plays from hidden speakers and as we pass each colour coded Las Vegas showgirl she will hold up a card with each of the 7 secrets written on it… oh there’s the first one now…

1. Cultivate your DESIRE (Purple)
Creative geniuses have the urge to do something. They might not know what that is precisely but they have a feeling about it. They explore that feeling through meditation (or whatever they use to focus themselves, staring into space is a good one) and they trust their instincts about where they are going to go with this desire.

2. Grow IDEAS (Blue)
Ideas are like tiny holograms, they contain all the other ideas inside. Buddhists say that the answer to a question is contained within the question and I agree. An idea on its own is not a plan or a project or a book. An idea is a building block, something you use to build something bigger. And all the other bricks are inside.

3. Get to know your MIND (Cyan)
Creative people look within, they know how their mind works and they cultivate their consciousness. All creative people are in touch with something. They trust their consciousness to produce ideas that fit their desire. They develop their consciousness through meditation (or the aforementioned staring into space).

4. Develop your BRAIN (Green)
It’s an obscure fact but creative people develop actual areas of their brain to get more creative, it’s not just mental development but actual physical changes in the brain. Games, logic puzzles, doodling and other physical tasks will help develop the hardware of your brain for creativity. Go buy some LEGO.

5. Make definite PLANS (Yellow)
Definite plans yield definite results. But what do indefinite plans yield? Indefinite results? No. Indefinite plans yield NO results. Make a plan. Figure out what you want to do, and be specific. How many words do books have, how many chapters, at what point do most well made thrillers make massive story points?

6. Know your PURPOSE (Orange)
Why are you writing a book/screenplay/comic in the first place? Money? Adulation? Fame? Did I mention Money? It’s important that you have something to say and that you are passionate about the content of the things you are writing. Nobody ever won the Man Booker prize by trying to write a Man Booker prize winner. Think about it.

7. Enjoy LIFE (Red)
Someone who is half dead with exhaustion and miserable is a very poor life coach. If you want people to be inspired by your thoughts and writing you have to be enjoying doing it, and a way to do that is to be enjoying your life as a whole. You can make your characters suffer, but don’t suffer yourself. Be healthy, be happy, enjoy life.

Thank you girls, aren’t they wonderful?

So, even without all the showbiz pizzazz these are real things you can do now, and even if you don’t fully understand the meaning of the above clues, even a half assed stab at doing them will improve your writing, almost automatically. I will be conducting an advanced staring into space workshop in the lobby after this presentation. Thank you and goodnight.



Many thanks, be well and if you have any questions about this blog or the course please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be very happy to help. And please take a moment to comment and subscribe.


8 thoughts on “7 rules to being a creative writing genius

    1. Oh that’s random, I’ll go fix that now. Meantime I’ll send you a PDF by email. Thanks for pinting this out, I appreciate it.

    1. The Creative Genius Programme writing course, Writing Fit, is available as an audio course at the moment. I am working on a book but it will be a general creativity course, and yes it will be available for Kindle. I did have a couple of best selling writing books on Kindle but I currently give them away with the audio course. www.writingfit.com

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