How Patricia Cornwell uses the rules of CGP without even knowing it

11 Apr

Some people have been asking me if CGP is entirely necessary, and surely the way to learn how to be a writer is not through brain training but to convey some unknown secret about the structure of a bestselling book. Well you don’t write great books with templates or grammar rules, you write them with your mind and brain. If you want to be more creative you have to do some work on your brain.

As a bit of food for thought, and living proof that successful bestselling writers use CGP without even knowing it, check out these clips by Patricia Cornwell as she espouses techniques very similar to those I talk about in my work.

Going into a world and inhabiting it is a form of meditation and very big part of CGP.

What she is describing here is a form of Alpha TechniqueTM where the sound and sight of the water lowers her brain wave state to a more creative level.

Allowing your subconscious to work through you is the way creative people do what they do, and the more successful ones know how to to do this intuitively.


Of course as usual all the themes discussed in this blog are expanded in my course, WRITING FIT: Creativity Coaching for Writers which is out VERY soon. I’m currently waiting for news from two exciting prospective publishers, but if that takes too much longer I’ll be releasing it myself. To be informed when and where the course is launched, and of course I’ll be delighted to do so, I’ll need you to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter. It’s an especially good time to do so at the moment as I am embarking in the next 24 hours on a free 6 part mini course based on CGP. Don’t worry if you miss the first part, I will be putting links to all parts in each subsequent part. Hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks, be well and if you have any questions about this blog or the course please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be very happy to help.


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