Know what you want

ImageI know what you’re thinking, how do I know that? I do because it’s true. What am I talking about?

You have the talent to be as good as any writer you read and love. I mean that as an absolute literal truth. You might say I don’t know you and I don’t know your level of talent but it doesn’t matter. I know all about human potential, and I’m telling you whatever your goals for your writing career, or your creative endeavours if they are in visual arts or music (because I know there are a lot readers of this blog who are) they are totally and fully achievable.

How can I be sure? I’m sure because I have a cast iron belief in the possibility.

Have you?

If so, that’s fantastic. If not, why the heck not?

Is it belief in your talent you have trouble with, or belief in your destiny? Or maybe you want it but deep down you are not convinced you deserve it, because surely something that important to you can’t be easy or pleasant to obtain.

We all have inbuilt limits to what we think we can do, and those who actually achieve share the same firm belief in their future. If you doubt yourself for a second, if you don’t think you can do it after all this time, then ask yourself this question: Why did you not give up before or never try to be a writer in the first place? What keeps you plugging away at it even though you believe ultimately you won’t get as good as you want to be? Simple logic: on some level you want it really badly even if you don’t believe it.

You should be kinder to yourself. Look at you, look how much you want it. If you were someone else outside of you looking at you right now, wouldn’t you want to give you what you want? Of course you would. Why would you stand in the way?

Lose the limiting beliefs. Easier said than done, I know, but start today. Meditate or just sit somewhere quiet and think for a while without distractions. What do I want? What kind of writer do I want to be? What kind of stories do I want to write? What kind of emotions do I want to conjure up in my readers? What things have I got to say about life which I could share with another person?

Find out who you are and what you want. Know it with certainty and in exhausting detail. And nail your resolve to it like a treasure map to the mast of a sailing ship. Feel the way you will feel with the full wind of purpose blowing into those sails. Live your dream. Life is short, confusing and beautiful, and we need the storytellers and the people with things to say to tell us how they feel. Life needs to be lived. You need to believe in your talent today and sail forward into your amazing future.

Why waste your time on anything less?


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4 thoughts on “Know what you want

  1. Why waste time on anything else pretty well sums things up. While scanning the creative penn podcost list today, the title of your interview with Joanna jumped out at me. Sampled your manner of speaking. Yup, this guy is a good communicator. Downloaded the recording, popped it in my mp3 player and off we went. Hands down you said a lot of useful things. Enough to motivate me to look you up. One thing in particular that got my attention was the creativity that comes from the alpha state. Phil, you are the first person to describe this process crystal clear, or in a way that makes good sense to me. You see, I sometimes experience it while falling asleep. The ideas that flow into consciousness are amazing. They are often so lucid that there’s no way that they can be forgotten, but sadly they do fade from memory by the next morning. So whatever that sweat spot actually is, it’s real to me, and its residue is usually enough to get something underway in regards to writing content. Anyway, I can probably go on and on about it but this is probably not the place for it. Lots of interesting stuff here on this site Mr. South. I will make it a point of dropping by now and again.

    1. thanks for the kind words. Especially as I’ve not maintained the blog for a longish while. 🙂 There’s lots to keep you occupied on there for the time being, but I will be returning with new stuff soon. Just been working on a novel for the last year and no free time. 🙂 The alpha state is very useful as are the deeper states but remembering what you thought is the key, which is why hypnotic suggestions and self hypnosis are crucial as you can tell yourself to remember 🙂 good trick that. Plus I find sitting and meditating in light Alpha means you get stuff leaking into conscious thought from the deeper levels. Happy adventures in consciousness!

    2. and I was talking about this stuff for a long time and nobody really paid much attention, so for the last few years I’ve been regrouping and reconsidering my approach. Wish me luck with that 😀

      1. May fortune be on your side then. Whatever progress you make gives possibility to others. Using sound to elicit such states of mind appears to be a significant part of the process. We both know the ecstatic rapture of giving ourselves over to the muses. Why do people travel half ways across the world to attend a concert when they can simply listen to a band’s music on their Ipod in the comfort of their own home. Music makes the people come together. It lifts the unknown from the streets into a light that can give colour and meaning to the masses.

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