The 1933 Frankencam Project

Click here to see the full project

I just posted this project to the MAKE:PROJECTS site and I urge you to go read it. It tells the story of how I turned an old camera in to a retro lens for my DSLR. What does this have to do with writing? Well as I’ve said before this isn’t just a writing blog anymore it’s about creativity in all its forms. But if you wanted a writers take-away from this it’s this:

Make something from what you have around you. True creativity comes form being able to use what you have to hand and not being able to use the excuse that you can’t work because you don;t have proper materials.

Make something every day, regardless of the fact it might not be entirely related to your projects in hand. If you’re making, you are learning, if you are learning then your mind is getting more complex. A more complex mind is a creative mind.


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