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The REAL Secret Behind All Bestsellers

Creating the Creative Genius Programme online course I am writing for you is taking a darned long time, and I make no apologies for that. I want it to be good and besides, I doubt you missed me as much as I would have liked you to. (I’m kidding, of course, you missed me a lot. Didn’t you?) But it’s been worth it, all this time away from the blog and newsletter. The course is going to be good, I can promise you that. Really really good.

What is it?

As I’ve said before I’ve been working on this project for a long, long time, as it was always my intention to use the techniques I use with my students to form the basis of a writing course, but it’s become a lot more than that. And I’ve made some surprising and wonderful discoveries along the way.

I mean what if I was to say to you I could teach you the REAL secret behind every bestseller? Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? But it’s true.

I’m not talking about the things talked about in most writing courses, like how to write viewpoints and scenes, how to write good dialogue, how many pages you should write or how to keep track of all those characters. That’s not what separates bestselling authors from the rest of us. Over the years I read just about every writing course on Planet Earth and I have to say while they were all helpful in some way none of them really got down to what I was interested in. How humans create things in their mind and put them on paper. Everyone tells you what people who write books do, nobody tells you how to do it, dream a story up in the first place and make sure the ideas all get onto the page.

All bestsellers, all Man Booker prizewinners, all writers who write words we love to read, they all have something in common and I know what it is. After decades of reading and research and pondering and writing, and after thirty years as a professional writer, I finally have my answer. The key to creative genius. I feel like I’ve been on a quest and come back with treasure. But I have my answer. The thing that all successful and creative writers share. The secrets behind creative genius.

Creativity is not a job it’s a lifestyle.

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not easy, it’s not a magic bullet, it’s not a 5 step programme. (Actually you could call it a 10 step programme but that’s not really the point.) It is an accumulation of everything I know about writing and creativity and how it works. It’s something we all have inside and I’ve discovered how to activate it in you.

I’m very excited, because as far as I know nobody is doing it in quite this way, it’s pretty much unique and it’s not just about how to write a bestseller, because there is no formula for that. Bestsellers have luck on their side. But it is a way to give you the same internal resources that all the writers you love had when they wrote their bestselling books. It’s not about money really, it’s about learning the right mindset, it’s about teaching yourself to mine the bottomless well of ideas you have inside and getting those ideas out. It’s about reprogramming your mind and rewiring your brain. (Don’t worry there’s no surgery involved.) It’s about training yourself to use your mind freely, releasing the creative energy we unconsciously keep locked up in our brains, it’s about setting free your own voice and giving yourself access to your unlimited pool of ideas, forever.

Singers don’t force their voice out, they let it free. A song isn’t sung by brute force, it’s allowed to soar. Creative writers are no different.

Oh and something else, I know so many people who are writing a book, sometimes more than one, and the one thing they not doing is writing. I ask them why and they come up with all manner of reasons why they want to write, and what they do and don’t want their book to be. The more I talk to writers the more I realise that everyone thinks about writing the wrong way. It’s so simple to do it right, but so easy to fall into the trap of doing it wrong.

Lots of teachers and gurus tell you how to write, at least they say they do, but they stop short of actually telling you how once they have run you through the mechanics of writing. No training about the inner game, the internal process. This is why I famously say most writer training is training you to type, not write.

After my research I finally have the internal process figured out, I’ve isolated it and found a way to teach it. Sounds like a huge task, but I promise you it’s true. I’ll teach you the process from start to finish. From having the desire to do something, through ideas and how to have them, how to nurture your ideas and make them grow, to how to write and keep writing and feel no fear, all the way up to how to know when you’re finished. And I’m putting it all into a product you can really use.

I’ll be using some techniques which, yes, at first you might be a little bit skeptical of, and they are unusual to say the least, but I’ve been working on these techniques and refining them for years. They are based in some very ancient mind programming tricks, which I’ve updated with some high tech wizardry and I’ve tried as far as possible to be more scientific than mystical, but you’re going to have to trust me and go with it if you want the results. It seems odd at first, but experience shows once the people I teach get into it they love it and find it easy and empowering. It’s powerful, it’s usable, and it’s not available anywhere else.

Writing Fit will be on sale in 2012. If you want me to let you know when it’s ready for you, subscribe to my newsletter on this link and I’ll keep you in the loop. This is a unique product, and I know you’re just going to love it.


Recommended Reads
The Wealthy Writer by Nick Daws and Ruth Barringham

Speaking of products you can use, I’ve been happily plugging “The Wealthy Writer” to my students for ages, and I should mention it to you too. I may have mentioned it in passing before but I’ve just re-read it and it’s a truly wonderful book, containing a lot of insider information I wish I’d known before I tried making a living writing online. For starters what I love about Nick’s work is that it’s so readable. Seriously I mean it’s freakishly easy to assimilate. Reading him it all sounds so stupidly easy, like you knew it already but you were just waiting for him to remind you. I’m not joking.

At the beginning there’s a section on writing for the Internet, and how you become an online copywriter. It goes into the intricacies of writing to a style, but also really meaty technical tips like the best practice for including keywords for SEO etc. He talks about house style, personality and tone, but he also gives some wicked advice about compressing your thoughts and keeping it simple, punchy and impactful. (Gosh, is that a word? Not according to my spellchecker.)

There are sections on creating and maintaining your writers web site, writing articles for article hubs, and selling your services as a freelance on job auction sites. Then there’s blogging. As my kids would say OMG. I wish I’d read this chapter before I set up my blog, as it would have saved me literally weeks of wasted time making avoidable rookie mistakes. Also the chapter on writing and selling information products, also known as eBooks, which is actually literally the best piece of writing on this subject I have ever read. It was bang on. Add to that the articles about affiliate networks, VRE, promotion, AdWords and a mass of other superb nuggets of wisdom from Nick and his co-writer Ruth and you have one of the biggest and best writer training products you can get.

I know I just got through telling you that most other writing training is rubbish, but when I said that I wasn’t talking about Nick, and besides he teaches a whole different area to me. I do creativity and he does hard information about being a working writer. Listen now I mean it, Nick is the real thing. He’s one of the few writing coaches whose work I really respect.

Most other ebook writers give you a 50 page cut and paste fest full of decent but unoriginal material and charge the earth. In my experience Nick does the exact opposite of that. He always overdelivers and packs his books with USABLE tips that you can actually take and use. The advice is practical, real world based and clearly sourced from personal professional experience. He pours his heart into his work and you can tell immediately he’s talking from his own knowledge and written it down personally. This book is no exception, a huge 259 pages of densely packed professional advice to get you on the road to being a professional, and yes if you do it right, wealthy writer.

Ok I’ve gushed enough, take it as read I can’t recommend this highly enough, although as you can see I’ve tried. To purchase your own little piece of heaven follow this link. You won’t regret it.

See you soon,



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