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As you may know, the physicalย Creative Genius Deck is out now. If you’ve ordered a deck (especially from outside the UK) please be patient because for some reason the decks seem to take a long time to reach destinations outside the UK. It’s worth the wait, trust me.

Go HERE and HERE (for the 2.0 deck) for more details.

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19 thoughts on “Subscribe to Creative Genius

  1. I’m just a beginner. My English is very poor and I learn very slowly. Writing, I’m sure, is a necessity if I want to improve it. And a big pleasure. I’m grateful for tips.

    Thank you very much for sharing your skills.

    1. Oh I hope you do. I like nothing better than to inspire people to keep going with their creative efforts. After all how are you going to finish anything wonderful unless you keep going? Good luck.

  2. Hi Phil,

    I got your views on inspiration through Nick Daws newsletter. That was a great one. I couln’t agree with you more.

    Ria Gomes

    1. Hey thanks Ria, it was great fun to write and I really appreciated Nick asking me to be his guest. I hope he asks me again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Phil, I just stumbled into your blog on Nick Daws newsletter. I’ve had six short stories published and am working on my first novel. It has turned into a gargantuan project. While writing short stories I thought I’d picked up quite a bit of knowledge about the art of story telling. HA! Not even close. Writing a novel has to be the most pleasurable, frustrating, and exciting roller coaster ride of all. Up one day, (read as I’m the next J.R.R.Tolkein) and down the next,(read as I’m so bad it’s a wonder the paper I write on doesn’t wither as I pen words.) Your advice will be eagerly read and appreciated as I start receiving your newletters.
    P.S. I was a moderator on Nick Daws blog for a year or so. That was a great experience.

    1. Hi Aelf, thanks for dropping by. Yeah roller coaster doesn’t even really describe it does it? In what other pastime could you be Master of the Universe one day and Steptoe & Son the next? And learning? That never stops. The more you know the more you know you need to know, I think is the phrase, although the more you say those words the less sense they make. Writing is like sculpture. It’s all about what you leave out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again for the kind words, which of course I’m glad you didn’t leave out.

  4. Hi Phil,
    I used to be a regular reader (and latter day contributor) of Your Sinclair, and I cannot stress enough how important an influence it was on me. At a very young age, I learnt the importance of humour in the written word through yours and other people’s articles therein. On my blog, one feature I update often is Children’s Television: The Re-Imagining, where I take an existing kids show, new or old, and ‘update’ it, so a modern audience expecting grit and adult themes could appreciate them. Anything subversive, I learned it from YS, so thanks for guiding me along the right path all those years ago.
    In the meantime, I’m still hoping to break into writing. I’m unpublished as yet, but have some short stories under my belt, with a novel in the making (itself a story I’ve been meaning to write for the last ten years or so).
    Your blog is great; I appreciate reading tips and advice from professionals. In fact, writing a blog and keeping it updated is a great way of keeping your creative juices flowing.

    All the best,

    1. Jeez Ian, I just noticed I hadn’t replied to this comment, that’s very remiss of me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks, still blushing a bit from all the praise, but I’ll settle down in a minute. Yes the Your Sinclair years were great years for me as a writer, honing my craft by writing a LOT. A REAL LOT. I wrote about 1,000,000 words during my tenure, not just for YS but for all kinds of other mags. It really stood me in good stead, and there’s nothing like having only a day to write a review of a game you haven’t even opened yet to sharpen your skills.

      Keep up the good work, sounds like you have a finger in many literary pies. Keeping going is something you only really learn when you keep going enough. You learn the trick of self momentum. Sooner or later you get the reverse problem of not so much not being able to start but not being able to turn the damn tap OFF.

      At least you then have the best problem in the world, leaving out all the milk and keeping the cream. Better to have an extra 3 pages and not need them than to need an extra 3 pages and not have them.

      Good luck

  5. Hey Phil,

    Many thanks for the audio download – should be an interesting and useful listen. However, trying to download the eBook, I’m getting a 404 Not Found page.

    Best wishes, Deb

    1. really? Which one… oh perhaps you mean for the ebooks? They have been withdrawn from kindle the only way to get them now is through me.

      I may resell them but still thinking that one through.

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