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03 Oct

I know this blog started out as just a writers blog, but it’s morphed over the years into something resembling a general creativity blog. I talk about writing a lot because that is the thing I did for 30 years professionally and so my information on that subject has a lot more perceived credibility. Plus I conceived CGP originally as a training methodology for writers before I realised it had ramifications for artists and musicians too. Little did I know how the focus of my jedi training would change over time. I slouch corrected.

It was I guess inevitable, in hindsight. You see I’m also a professional photographer, film maker and artist, and I’ve spent lots of time teaching those things for money. As a multi-platform artist I know that it’s true: the principles of creativity are the same no matter what your medium, and for several of the last posts to this blog it’s becoming clear to me (and to you too) that this is not just a writers blog, it’s a creativity blog.

I regularly talk about other disciplines, and the last post is an ideal example about making the transition from artist to writer. But the same is true the other way, how do you make the transition from writer to artist? Can’t draw? Learning to draw like Matisse is hard, but learning to draw like you is easy. Photography requires no drawing. Screen printing is more about ideas than about art skill. What you can and can’t do is not the issue. Creativity is.

Creativity is what makes the difference between mediocre films, photos, stories and paintings, and truly life changing, awe inspiring, GREAT ones.

Ponder this for a while: how does the way you work in your medium translate to another? Could doing work in another medium like music, art or photography inform your writing? Could writing your ideas in prose inform your art? Give it some thought, train your senses by spreading out from the confines of your safe zone.

Bring your art alive.


On the subject of photography I’ve found this authentically brilliant ebook and video course by a young guy called Evan Sharboneau, who has a lot of creative skill in photography. I’ve been recommending this book and video course to everyone I know, because it’s such a fast and enjoyable way to make your photos “pop”. If you have a basic DSLR, the desire to make creative images and some time, for less than the price of a high speed, large capacity memory card for your camera you can get this really useful, inspiring and comprehensive course which could help you win photo competitions, and with ease. Snap over to his web site for more details. You won’t regret it.


Of course I am compelled on an almost daily basis by the voices in my head to remind you that my course WRITING FIT is the only complete 8 hour audio course to understand your needs as a creative writer and give you the tools to enhance them, permanently. The only writing course which confirms in detail what you always thought was true about your creativity and original ideas.

Watch out for my new health and life training courses in the coming months. And the new web site is almost ready, It’s going to be very cool.

Warm regards from the Unified Field creativity labs,

until next time


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