How to be More Creative by John Cleese

15 Apr

…Or how even John Cleese uses CGP without even knowing it

A brilliant video from about 20 years ago with John Cleese talking to a business conference on behalf of Video Arts about creativity. It’s fascinating to me that so many creative people talk about creativity the same way I do, and how most methodologies from the past translate into CGP conecpts which I’ve included in my teaching methods. The video is about 35 mins, hugely entertaining and thought provoking, and after the jump I’ll tell you what I think.

This state of being open or closed he talks about was very familiar to me. I would describe it as being “in flow” or “out of flow” and the kind of brain states he describes as humourous play as very like to kind of states you get to with CGP Alpha Techniques.

Incidentally the learned paper by Donald MacKinnon he describes at the beginning is one of the source documents for the CGP research, and although I don’t entirely agree with all the findings and take a slightly different approach to activating creativity in my students, I think if you have the time and the brain space to find and read it, it’s well worth giving it a go. Obviously while I would obviously point to my own work as a better way into these states, the report still contains valid thoughts about creativity, for those that are interested, and many great ideas about how to make it more reliable. The one I read is called “The Nature and Nurture of Creative Talent” and a PDF reprint of the ’60s article is available for sale for about $12.


All the themes discussed in this blog are expanded in my course, WRITING FIT: Creativity Coaching for Writers which is out now. If you would like a $100 discount you can subscribe to my free monthly newsletter. It’s an especially good time to do so at the moment as I am embarking in the next 24 hours on a free 6 part mini course based on CGP. Don’t worry if you miss the first part, I will be putting links to all parts in each subsequent part. Hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks, be well and if you have any questions about this blog or the course please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be very happy to help.


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