The Magic of Certainty and the evil of SELF SABOTAGE

The problem with creativity and writing as with any other field of human endeavour, is self sabotage. You don’t believe you can do it, you don’t believe you have it in you to be creative, you don’t believe that ideas will come… You get your wish.

A part of your mind that doesn’t believe that it’s possible interacts with your subconscious and makes it impossible for those ideas and connections to be released from the deepest part of your mind. This is why I’ve discovered that it is crucial as a writer to programme your mind to accept that you are creative and it is possible.

Once you do that you can fully believe it is possible and allow the ideas and connections to rise up from the lowest level of your brain. Self belief is a huge part of the process. This is the thing which isn’t spoken of at all in any books about creativity that I know of and yet in my experience it’s the fundamental thing which separates truly creative people from those who merely have the desire but no way to take it further.

The magic of certainty is that you believe with total ease that an idea will come and that certainty ensures that the ideas will come. Uncertainty is born of a lack of practice. The more you write, the more you get ideas, the more you expect those ideas will arrive just in time.



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