The Creative Genius Programme

29 Jul

I’ve been busy lately working on a major new release, something amazing which I can share with you now. You know it’s always been my intention to expand the blog and my training and teaching exploits into a more concrete course, and I think I’ve finally hit on the methods I want to use.

I call it the Creative Genius Programme (the first and most important of which is the WRITING FIT course for writers) and you’ll see it rolling out in the coming months. First and foremost it’s a book, then it will be a series of lectures on video and audio, and finally and most excitingly from my point of view an actual in-person course. Later there will be a home study version of the course for download, but that’s phase two. Baby steps.

There are more details here but basically the course answers this basic question: can you learn to be more creative? You want to produce something, a story or a book or a screenplay, and I know many courses which tell you the mechanics of storytelling, how you finish what you start and general stuff about where to get ideas. But few courses or tutorials tell you HOW to be creative in the first place. Until now.

Most writing courses are the same. The approach is like trying to teach you to drive a car by going through the laws of thermodynamics and the history of the piston engine. You don’t need to know those things to drive a car well. Why not just teach you how to operate a car? I just want to cut out the middle man and teach you how to drive your own creativity, naturally and easily.

Using a combination of new techniques which I’ve developed over the last decade I’ll be teaching you how to train your brain to make creative leaps, how to enliven your creative ideas and catch as many as you can to turn them into stories and details within those stories. I’ll be teaching you how to think creatively, consistently and repeatably, in short a “creative genius”.

Can creativity be taught? I have compelling evidence that it can. Over the years I’ve studied the ways people create and learn and I’m bringing them together for the first time, and the results are fascinating. I’m really looking forward to launching the programme, and I know you are just going to love it. The training focusses and ignites your natural talent using a combination of specially developed practical routines, conventional creativity coaching and mind training using a specially devised hybrid of hypnosis I call the Alpha State Technique.

I’ll try not to bang on about it too much, I don’t want to come off like unscrupulous internet marketers that give you a tiny little eBook and a bonus pack of off the peg public domain success books valued at over a thousand pounds for a once only price of two quid. No that’s not my game. I want to provide you with a genuinely valuable product, something you can actually use to develop your creativity and make you not only a better writer but quite simply the best writer you can be. More information soon.



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3 responses to “The Creative Genius Programme

  1. Harriet Rose South

    July 29, 2011 at 9:05 am

    I think I have a little too MUCH creativity lol 😀 I may explode if I took this course hehe!
    You got one that stifles your creativity for workaholics like me?

    Love love

    • Phil South

      July 29, 2011 at 11:25 am

      Well baby you have had a lifetime of training 🙂 I’ll do some work on a reverse creativity course just for you. xx


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