Take Action on your Ideas

Ideas don’t have weight till you move them

When you get an idea, it’s easy to think you’ve done all the work, isn’t it? It’s easy to sit back with the satisfaction of a job well done. But unless you act on the idea as soon as you can, while it’s fresh, it gets stale and starts to be less inspiring. Why is this a problem? Because ideas, like dogs and people, like to live close to others of their kind. If you leave them alone too long they wither and die.

Plus there is a weight to ideas, an imperceptible heft, and it’s like trying to knock down a wall with a feather, ONE idea on it’s own can do no heavy work. But as you take action, writing the idea down, seeking additional ideas which match, the ideas start to cluster together and their collective weight becomes substantial.

Think about it: how often do you write something and realise that after a certain point the story has it’s own momentum and rolls along under its own steam? At that point your load becomes lighter because you are just, to a certain extent, following along with the already rolling idea, guiding it to its destination.

Ideas have a weight and they like to cluster together. The more ideas you have the more ideas you have. It’s supply on demand. Demand ideas, and get more ideas and you have more ideas. But you have to get the ball rolling.


As I said in my last post the Creative Genius Deck is out now, priced at a modest $27, (with $5 shipping anywhere).

The Creative Genius deck is a pack of 52 cards for use during creative writing (or visual art). Either flip through the cards one by one or choose a card at random. The deck was originally conceived and designed by me as an iPhone and iPad app (coming very soon to the iTunes store) but I decided to also produce them as a physical deck and they turned out so beautifully that I decided to sell them.

Go to HERE for more details and to buy a deck for yourself. Each deck is hand finished and comes with a free booklet describing how to use the deck and the meanings of the cards. We can only make a limited quantity of the cards every month so get in soon. Hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them.



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