The Creative Genius Deck

Creative Genius Deck LIVE

First product causes massive excitement (in my house)

I’m thrilled to announce my first real product, The Creative Genius Deck is out now, priced at a reasonably modest $27 (with $5 shipping anywhere in the world).

The Creative Genius deck is a pack of 52 cards for use during creative writing (or visual art). Either flip through the cards one by one or choose a card at random. The card deck as you may know was originally conceived and designed by me as an iPhone and iPad app and coded by the amazing Damon Jones and John Molloy. But I decided in the end to produce them as a physical deck and they turned out SO beautifully that I’ve decided to sell them. (Update: there is also now a Creative Genius Deck 2.0. See the link at the bottom of the sales page.)

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with playing cards of all sorts, tarot cards, poker cards, Happy Families, and other card games. I was not part of the Top Trumps generation, that passed me by, but everything to do with cards has always fascinated me. My primary inspiration for the deck came from three main sources which I freely acknowledge here. Obviously I conceived these cards initially from my work with you on this blog but I realised afterwards that the inspiration came from some other sources.

The first and most obvious debt of thanks is of course to Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s wonderful Oblique Strategies, deck, a deck of “Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas” made originally in 1975 and republished I think another four times since then.

A less obvious influence was the Zebu deck by Robert Anue, a set of language pattern cards based on the hypnosis techniques of Milton H Erickson, and published in 1992. This is long out of print, but something similar has recently been published by Ericksonian hypnotist Igor Ledochowski in his Conversational Hypnosis Card Deck. (A similar deck was recently devised and produced by Jamie Smart of Salad Consulting)

Obviously I’m also influenced by the fortune telling machines at old time circuses and fairgrounds, boxes containing the top half of a mysterious swami who for a coin will dispense your future on a card from a conveniently located slot at the front of the case… Scary circus moods are a running theme in my work, both musically and artistically.

Enjoy these cards and let me know how you get on with them.

Go to HERE for more details and to buy a deck for yourself.


Subvert Expectation

The best way to get your audience’s attention is to lead them into an expectation and then dash it intelligently and satisfyingly at the last moment.

You lead someone into a dark and gloomy house. Expected.

You lead them upstairs. Expected, but the audience is willing them not to… you let them go up, but halfway they stop as if hearing something. Ah, better.

They go down the stairs again and look in the basement. Oo don’t go in there, people always go into the basement and there’s no escape… They try the door. Locked. Phew. Relax for a sec.

Only one place left, the kitchen. There are sounds coming from in there, a light. They creep towards the door, hand on the door handle. They push it… suddenly a trapdoor opens and they fall from sight into the basement. Surprise!

Give people what they want, but ALWAYS change how they get it.


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