Eye of the Tiger

Or How To Punch Above Your Weight

Some people think creative thought is like rain, falling on some and not on others. Some think creativity is at the whim of some airy fairy muse which flits and floats on the breeze and you have to trip lightly on your toes after it and catch the annoying little flittery thing with a net. Some think creative thought is the product of many hours stroking your beard and willing the thought into life by sheer vein bursting effort of will…


Creativity is a muscle. It’s like any bodily process. You train it, flex it, and then let it do its work in it’s natural way.

Exercise your creativity muscle by giving it training exercises. Think up a story idea every day. Flesh it out. You don’t have to write it in full, just write a short précis of what the story is about. Pluck random situations and characters out of the air, the more outrageous the better. Bolt unsuitable people and places together. Set a traditional story in the future, set a sci-fi classic in the past. Have fun with it. But then allow your subconscious to join the dots. DO THIS EVERY DAY.

Practise makes perfect, so use your creativity muscle as often as you can. BUT more importantly like any bodily process creative thought is “supply on demand”. If you are unfit and don’t run you feel as though you have no stamina. If you run every day, no matter how little, your stamina will increase. So it is with creativity. Unless you demand ideas from your subconscious on a regular basis, the supply will dry up. The more ideas you have, the more you CAN have.

So don’t wander lonely as a cloud… get on your tracksuit, put a towel around your neck, kick off the iPod and pound the streets like Rocky.


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