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30 Sep
CGD app preview

CGD app preview

apps make the heart grow fonder

Hi, and once again sorry for the lack of posts recently. A few major shifts in my work have kept me busy, plus I have a TON of projects on the go at the moment which are keeping me busy not writing.

I’m finishing my first album with a new band, The Sinatra Test, as we speak, a project I’ve been meaning to get around to for literally years. I’ll send you an iTunes link when it’s released, but listen out for a exclusive preview track on Mark Whitby’s show on Dandelion Radio during October, first show plays 1st October at midnight.

What else? Oh, I’m painting again, a series of portraits of my heros, again something I’ve been meaning to do for years, starting with David Lynch. But these are just side projects, the most interesting things I’m doing at the moment are projects related to my creativity coaching.

Chief among these are a couple of creative iPhone and iPad apps I am developing with a couple of dear old friends of mine. The iPad app I really can’t talk about but you will hear about it here first. The other is a wonderful creative aid which I am very proud of and which will like as not be launched on the back of the new book, which has the working title of “How To Be A Creative Genius”.

The book as I have said a bit before is based on a few posts from this blog, so reading it you may feel you have been here before. BUT there is a lot of new stuff in it. New ideas, additions to the old posts and whole new sections based on posts i wrote but didn’t post because I thought the subjects were too complex, technical or just too plain good to give away. It’s all going into the book.

So users of iPhones and iPod Touch’s will be able to buy the app real soon now, but I hope to get the book made first so it will all make sense. The two compliment each other and I think it would be best if they came out together. But who knows I might let one lead the other. I’ll let you know what I decide. Either way the book is going to be released as an eBook in both PDF and EPUB formats, as an actual book you can buy on Amazon, and if I can swing it a Kindle and Apple iBook too. So many channels, so little time!

More news as it happens.



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