Best of the Best

I’m thrilled to announce that my guest post on Nick Daws’ excellent Writing Blog is up and you can read it HERE. Nicks blog is always worth reading if you are a writer as he has this seemingly effortless facility to collect and distribute reams of fabulous links and ideas and write about them in a way I can only stand and stare at in slack jawed amazement.

While you’re at it PLEASE don’t miss these recent posts from this very blog to energise the creativity and productivity in your work. I’m collecting these into a new eBook with more material I didn’t have room for and expanded chapters based around the original posts. Subscribers to the newsletter will have the chance to buy it first, so sign up soon so you don’t miss it. Okay shameful plug out of the way here’s the links to the Best of the Best.

Don’t Write Bad Movies
Well don’t, it ruins it for the rest of us. Here are 7 prescriptions for making your movies all better.

Making Your Readers Care
I caught a lot of flak for this one, because I dared to lampoon our greatest living author, JK Rowling. Suffice to say I had a valid point but I could perhaps have mixed it with a bit less venom. Sour grapes can be a potent poison. La la, live and learn. followed up in the newsletter (link provided at the foot of that post) entitled “JK Rowling wants me dead”. Well I laughed even if she didn’t.

Write A Movie In Three Hours
Seriously. It can be done. A variation on my “Let’s Write A Story” ebook (which you can get for free by subscribing to my newsletter) but this time how to get a screenplay up and running by retooling an existing work.

12 Story Starting Points
A few lovely thoughts to get your juices going. As I always say at times like this these ideas are for free, but if you make a zillion pounds from your master work, throw a few magic beans in my direction, won’t you? Thanks mate.

Givers, Changers or Liars: fictional relationships
Advice about writing realistic relationships. Human beings are weird and so your characters should be too.

Failure: the art and science of perfection
Failure is a good thing, so don’t fear it. Embrace it and move on. Fail and grow.

Writers Block 5 hot tips
Writer’s block is all about planning, planning, planning and planning.

5 Ways to instantly be a better writer
Quick fixes to take you to the next level. And beyond.

Give it a week
Previous guest blog by the amazing Nick Daws. Watch this space for a new one as soon as he’s written his way out from under the mound of eBooks and articles he’s committed to at the moment. Looking forward to it.

How To Be A Creative Genius
The post which started it all, the nuts and bolts of creativity and easy steps to get your own creative juices going. Soon to be made into an eBook and a movie. And maybe a t-shirt. Perhaps a mug. With tea. Mmm. What?



Let’s hear from you
Thank you for reading this blog. I really enjoy writing it, but if you enjoy reading it please consider taking a moment to comment and subscribe. Blogging is a thankless task and it helps to get some kind of response.

Thanks and see you next time.




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