Write a Movie in Three Hours

It sounds crazy but it can be done

Yeah I said it, you can write a movie in three hours. How? Am I on drugs? Nope. It’s a trick, a simple trick to get you writing. OK so you might not be able to use your screenplay once its written but it WILL be a completed screenplay and you will have written it yourself.

The trick is this: watch a movie with the sound down scene by scene, pausing as you go, and write what you think they could be saying. Use a screenplay writing software like the free and wonderful CeltX to write the dialogue and the scene actions.

Obviously this only really works with a movie you’ve not seen before. But try it. Also how about writing an English “translation” of a foreign language film? Just play a foreign movie without it’s subtitles and make it up as you go.

This is actually a more serious trick than you would think. All we are really doing here is giving your brain something to chew on. I think you’ll find the most serious benefit of writing a screenplay this way is that it will almost certainly send your right brain off on a flight of fancy and you might, you never know, come up with an original idea that you can turn into an original screenplay from scratch.


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