Creative Self Hypnosis Session

Amplifying Your Creativity – a FREE hypnosis script

Welcome to the first in a series of hypnosis sessions that will help bring out your creativity effortlessly and naturally.

Hypnosis techniques are a crucial part of my teaching and I’ve found them invaluable in reaching the source of your creativity, your subconscious mind. Now I don’t know how much you know about hypnosis, and I’m sure there is a part of you that is a little sceptical about it.

Put these thoughts from your mind.

Hypnosis is actually a natural process which exists in all human beings and all we are doing is using it to bring out the best in you and access parts of your creativity that hide behind the locked door of your subconscious mind. The subconscious knows everything, hears everything, makes connections you would never consciously make, and is the smartest, most sensitive and most creative part of your brain. And it’s so easy to let all that creative power out. All you have to do is sit back, relax, accept the things I’m telling you and let whatever happens happen.

It’s simple and enjoyable, and I promise once you do it you’ll want to do it again and again. First though a little bit about what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. You can’t make anyone do anything against their will, no matter what you might think seeing stage hypnotists making people act like farm animals.

Bear in mind the people on stage volunteered, so they start out wanting to be hypnotised and join in the fun. Secondly, the trance state you allow yourself to slip into is a part of everyday life, when we daydream, when we watch TV, when we are with someone we love. That state of relaxed and receptive calm is with us constantly and it exists for various reasons, to make us receptive to learn and to open us up to important experiences that we feel the need to program into our brains. So there’s nothing to fear and you will be conscious and aware of my voice the whole time.

Speaking of my voice, this meditation is best if you read and record this script onto tape (or disc or memory stick) and play it back to yourself either on speakers or light comfortable headphones. Don’t like hearing your own voice on tape, and who does? No problem. I have recorded the session for you here:

Ok that’s the preliminaries over. Let’s begin.


Find somewhere to sit that you’ll be undisturbed for a period of time. It doesn’t have to be silent, but any quiet comfortable space will do. You should have somewhere to sit that’s comfortable, and while you can lie down during hypnosis, sitting upright is preferable for the purposes of this exercise. Before you sit stand and stretch all of your body, get all the kinks out. Then take a seat in your chair and position your body so you are in a comfortable upright sitting position.

Take a moment to look around you and focus your attention on the wall opposite your position, a foot or two above eye level, maybe even where the wall rises up and meets the ceiling and concentrate all of your attention on that one spot. As you do this begin to feel all your attention funnel down on this one specific point in space, and try to see every little detail of that spot. Because you might start to realise it takes some effort to do this, this means at any time when you’re ready just allow you eyes to relax.

Each time you blink, it seems slower, and you get a sense of your breathing getting slower and more relaxed. Each time you blink it seems slower, until at times your eyes might stay shut for a moment. You notice how good that feels. Gradually you will start to want to close them completely, and let it happen as gradually as you like. There’s no rush. Just let them close and feel the sense of relaxation growing as you do so. As you feel them closing, don’t rush it, just relax and take your time and allow it to happen. Feel them closing and as it happens, in your own time, let it happen, because they feel as though they want to.

That’s good.

All the way through this session just allow things to flow naturally from one state to the next, as this is the way the process works best. Just relax and let whatever happens happen. It takes no effort, and is the most natural thing in the world, to relax fully and listen to the words I’m speaking, and allow yourself to follow my voice and let it lead you to the profound sense of effortless control which you are seeking, the unrestricted flow of your creative thought and creative energy.

Ok, good.

Now, in your own time, begin to feel a sense of relaxation descending on you. Imagine a warm wave of relaxation lowering down on you, starting over your head, and falling down, like warm air flowing down over you. It flows over your head and face, over your chest, down your arms and legs, and finally settles at your feet enclosing them in warmth and comfort. As you do this start to relax every part of your body. Feel the muscles in your neck and face starting to relax. As you feel this you might feel a tendency to let your head lower your chin towards your chest. As that happens let it go, and feel yourself relaxing deeper. Relax your shoulders and your chest.

Feel the muscles relax and sink a little lower into your chair, as you relax deeper. Feel the muscles in your arms and hands beginning to relax, As you do so feel the relaxation become deeper. Relax the muscles in your hips and legs. As you do so feel the relaxation getting deeper. Finally relax your feet, feel them sinking onto the ground. Feel the ground solidly supporting your feet as they relax and press onto the ground, and feel your relaxation getting deeper.


As you sink deeper into this relaxed state, I’d like you to begin to visualise a staircase. The design and arrangement of the stairs is up to you. Imagine yourself at the top of the stairs holding comfortably onto the rail. Can you see the stairs? Can you visualize them? As you see the shape and the carpet, feel them beneath your feet. You can see them, ten stairs leading downwards. Now, in a few moments we are going to take a walk down these stairs, and as we do you will notice that as you do that with each step you take you will become more deeply relaxed. This means that with each step down you will fall deeper and deeper into this wonderful state of relaxation you are in now. Are you ready? Ok.

Take your first step. One. Becoming more deeply relaxed. Step two. Going deeper and deeper. Step three. Still deeper. Step four. Going down deeper and deeper. Step five. Halfway now, going deeper and deeper, feeling good. Step six. Deeper still. Step seven. Deeper and deeper. Step eight. Deeper still. Step nine. Almost there, going deeper and one more to go. Step TEN. You are now at the deepest level of relaxation, and feeling wonderfully calm and relaxed.

Good. Now you as you look around you at the bottom of the stairs a door opens and you walk into a light and spacious room. This is your room and you can imagine it any way you please, but I will make a few suggestions. Make the windows wide and imagine your favourite kind of landscape, scenery that inspires you with its beauty. Imagine the furniture in any way that pleases you and do this now. Do it in detail, imagine everything in the room and make it the way you want it to be.


This is your room. In this room you can think about all your creative work, things you do which require you to take your own personal inspiration and use it creatively to solve problems, make art or tell stories. In this room you will find the profound sense of effortless control that you are seeking, the unrestricted flow of your creative thought and creative energy. This creative energy comes from your subconscious mind, all the ideas and answers you seek are here in this room, and all you have to do is think about a creative task and the solutions will present themselves, clearly and simply.

You won’t have to work at it; the solutions will come spontaneously and fully. You will be surprised and delighted by the genius and simplicity of your solutions. You will have proof of your ability as an artist or writer. You will emerge from your room, your inner sanctuary each time with a renewed faith in your abilities, and full of new and exciting ideas and things you want to say. You will also effortlessly come up with practical ways you can bring your ideas to life.

Take as long as you wish to think about the creative ideas you have, mull them about in your mind, let them take shape. If you have a creative problem think about it now and the longer you think about it a solution will suggest itself. The solutions are not forced; they come easily and naturally to your mind. Take a few moments to let the ideas flow.

[one minute silence]

Take the time to enjoy the sensation of calm relaxed control you are gaining over your creative power, and feel it almost like nutrients being drawn from the ground up your feet and your legs and into your chest and head. As it does so see the creative energy as glowing, see the colour. Is it blue or gold? Is it glowing or shiny? See it any way you prefer but remember that glow.

Any time you need a boost of creative inspiration, close your eyes and feel this energy flowing into you up your legs and into your chest and head. Feel the good feelings this brings you. Feel the ideas flowing and the creative solutions presenting themselves. In future, when you want to come back to this room, it’s very simple – all you have to do is take a seat in a quiet undisturbed spot, take 20 even, connected, breaths, feeling yourself relaxing deeper with each breath, and by 20 you will be back down here at the same level of relaxation you are now and back here in your special creative workroom.

Take all the time you need to recharge your creative battery, and mull over any creative problems you are having, find the solutions, and then you can leave as soon as you wish. Now it’s time to leave your room. You will feel yourself slowly getting more awake, in your own time, rising slowly to wakefulness and as you rise I will count backwards from five to one.

When I reach one you will be fully awake, refreshed, relaxed, and will have a sense of enormous faith and confidence in your abilities. You will remember your special creative workroom and remember how to get there. Ok it’s time to rise. FIVE rising now, becoming more awake. FOUR getting more awake, feeling your arms and legs and chest and head filling gently with air. THREE becoming still more awake, feel you head rising up. TWO almost awake now, feeling good, you are ready to be fully awake. ONE.


How are you feeling? Good? Excellent. You can do this hypnosis as many times as you like, but trust me you will in a very short time feel as though you can do without it. If you just like doing hypnosis for the relaxation and focussing abilities it gives you, let me know and I’ll release a more general tape for that purpose alone in the near future.


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Thanks for listening.


9 thoughts on “Creative Self Hypnosis Session

    1. Hi Aelf, aw thanks for the kind words. Yes, these techniques do work, and bizarrely it even works on me when I play it to myself! I spoke the words and I know what’s coming and yet I still feel the benefits.

      Hypnosis is one of my passions and I’ll be using it more and more in the blog. Look forward to your review in the near future. 🙂

  1. Hi, thanks for this. I am the person who posted How to Publicise Your Blog..And I am reciprocating the link. I need to get creative to find new ways to build traffic so I’ll give the hypnosis a try.

    1. Hi Michael

      Hey that was quick, I only just posted that link. I suppose you should add “be on the ball” to your list of worthy blogger traits?

      Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for all kinds of personal development. Basically it is a way of training the subconscious to focus on good stuff, creative options. The more I learn about it the better it gets.

      Thanks a million for your support. And I will be visiting your blog too. 🙂


  2. I’m Angela Shields, and I just bought the Creative Genius for learning to write songs. I this self hypnosis included in the package?

    1. Hi Angela, not sure what you’re asking. Can you be more specific? Do you mean are the alpha techniques hypnosis? Or do you mean are they included in the course?

    2. Oh wait you are talking about the original hypno session? Well it’s a general creative hypnosis, I’ve since developed better sessions with my courses but the basic hypnosis should help. I’m about to release a lot more of these sessions too so look out for them.

    1. Hi Sarah, no this never happens. Hypnosis is not mind control and it can’t make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. It can however suggest and persuade to you that you should do things that you should do but for some reason are not doing. The human mind is a complex thing and we are sometimes our own worst enemies. So, don’t be concerned you will lose control, or at least not in a bad way. It may be that unconsciously you are limiting yourself and that is a loss of control we could all do with. Best regards, Phil

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