Best of the Best

Don’t miss these recent posts to energise the creativity and productivity in your work.

Givers, Changers or Liars: fictional relationships
Advice about writing realistic relationships.

Failure: the art and science of perfection
Failure is a good thing, so don’t fear it.

Writers Block 5 hot tips
Writer’s block is all about planning.

5 Ways to instantly be a better writer
Quick fixes to take you to the next level.

Give it a week
Guest blog by the amazing Nick Daws.

How To Be A Creative Genius
The post which started it all, the nuts and bolts of creativity and easy steps to get your own creative juices going. Soon to be made into an eBook and a movie.



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2 thoughts on “Best of the Best

  1. I like the new look… Although I must say it’s not much different 😉 But the picture/photo is muuuuch better 😀

  2. haha, yeah it’s not too different, just a little bit neater. And it was a change for me. Got tired of looking at the same old blog. Going to design a new one soon from scratch on Very exciting.

    Oh and watch out for the next post, it contains a hypnosis routine you can do on yourself to enhance your creativity!

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