Givers, Changers or Liars: the truth about fictional relationships

In creating new characters some of them will be in relationships. Here are 5 questions to ask about your fictional couples.

1. Givers or Takers
There is give and take in most relationships but some people give more than they take. Two givers in a relationship is best, but more conflict is obtained from a giver and a taker. And two takers? Well conflict is their middle name.

2. Changed or Unchanged
Before and after the relationship was one partner unchanged? And did the other one change for the worst? Change in a relationship is good and natural, but only if the change is turning you into a better person. If someone is changing you into someone you hate, how would that make you feel?

3. In for the wrong reasons
Some folks are in relationships for what they can get out of it. Everything they do and everything they say is all about their secret agenda. Hidden agendas are cool because the less you say about them the more creepy they are.

4. Liar or Truther
Does one half of the couple lie all the time even when they don’t have to? Why do they lie? Because they don’t know the truth or because they are covering up for other lies? What secrets cause people to lie? What damage can a person have which makes them a liar?

5. Meet the Family
Does the partner want to meet the family, integrate with them, or does he/she want to exclude them? Does the partner think the family are losers? Lower class? Higher class? Does one partner like or dislike the others kids? Or do they want to keep them to themselves?

Keep an eye out for telling signs in real life relationships if they are good or bad. They say contempt is a sure sign a relationship is on the rocks but how does that manifest itself? Read relationship books and see how the tips in there could apply to your fictional couples.



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