5 ways to instantly be a better writer

Devilishly simple shortcuts to upping your writing quality

The more you read the more you want to write. Appreciating a good turn of phrase or being irritated by a bad turn of phrase will make you a better writer over time. Take notes when you read and read these notes when you are sat in your writing chair fumbling for ideas.

The more you write the better you get, and this is the best tip of all. Most beginning writers seem to put off writing till they feel they have the best idea, but in fact the best writers are unafraid of making a mess and having it all go wrong. Write every day, no excuses.

It’s all very well having lots of scraps of paper lying around with ideas on them but nothing gives you that buzz like finishing something. Write something and finish it, even if it’s not quite right. If you finish it then you will see the shape of it and can start rewriting to make it better.

Being in love is very inspiring. Ok if you can tear yourself away from your lover long enough to set pen to paper. Also losing love is inspiring. Or almost losing it. Loving someone means having something to lose and nothing is more inspiring to a writer than an emotion you find difficult to put into words. Find the words.

Also if you want something, not to be poor, to be respected, to have a nice new car, to fly, to perform for others, to be wanted for yourself… then you can write about that want. You can talk about wanting, not wanting, getting what you want and not wanting it anymore. It’s a useful fund of ideas because every fictional character WANTS something.


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8 thoughts on “5 ways to instantly be a better writer

  1. This is so true. Reading The Patriot’s script inspired my screenplay tremendously! Plus it untied some story knots for me. How cool is that!
    Plus, from the commentary people made about the screenplay I realised that what people think and say doesn’t determine the success in the end. That too is very inspirational and motivational.

    1. Yes, any kind of motivation you can find is good. Music, other people’s writing, a sound, a scent on the breeze…. it doesn’t matter. In fact I cover this in a forthcoming blog post. (You knew I was going to say that…)

  2. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for something else and I’m so glad I did. Perhaps this is an examples of answers coming when you need them. Even if you haven’t asked the right questions out loud, your subconcious has a way of doing it for you.

    1. Totally, it’s like when you try really hard to remember something then you relax and think about something else and your subconscious pops it into your mind.

      Thanks for joining us. 🙂

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