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flemingwithgunI usually have a few books on the go at one time, and now is no exception. I even finish one every once in a while.

My reading habits would drive most of my friends crazy, I pick a book up, I read it avidly. Then I pick up another, read that, and then have them both by the bed. Eventually I have about 6-7 books by the bed with bookmarks in them and I have to do a cull. I do this by looking at the page I’ve marked (I use stage money as bookmarks!) If I can’t remember anything that went before the marked page I have to start again so I whip the bookmark out and put it back on the shelf.

Currently though I’m reading:

“Still Life With Woodpecker” by Tom Robbins
Wonderful, life-changing book, especially if you are an impressionable hippy teen like I was when I first read it. Been at least 28 years since I read it… it is actually as good as I remember. I still finish chapters and put the book down with a sigh and a smile. Damn it’s good. I’d forgotten the theme is about how to make love stay. Timely for someone like me in their late forties who just became single again.

“Trout Fishing In America” by Richard Brautigan
I picked this up again because I read this about the same time as “Still Life”. Again profound, really well written 70s-80s American hippy novel… Brautigan was a bit of a tortured soul, it seems, but like Robbins a creative genius and deep thinker. Great book again about nothing in particular but about everything as well.

“Hypnosis for Beginners” by William W Hewitt
Fabulous well written tome on the art of hypnosis by a guy who also dabbles in psychic channelling, another one of those things I’m interested in. Teaches you how to hypnotise people and yourself. Hypnosis is one of those things which gets a bad rep. You can’t make people do anything they don’t want to do or wouldn’t do. It helps people to do things they want to do by coding it into their subconscious. Wonderful.

s_inafirefly_038“For Your Eyes Only” by Ian Fleming
I’m working my way through the James Bond books in the order they were written and released. They make much more sense that way. This is book 8 so I’m over halfway. There’s 14 to get through. I already read the Glidrose anniversary pastiche by Sebastian Faulkes, which I thought was amazingly vivid and authentic. Made me sad Fleming is no longer around to make more books. Damn he was good. Also this is a kind of low rent version of a fantasy of mine; to read all the Bond books in their original hardcovers while staying at the Goldeneye estate in Jamaica. One day. Will book it the day after I win the pools.

I’ve got a bunch of others lined up, but I’ll talk about them once I get to them.


5 thoughts on “Now Reading

  1. I had all the Richard Brautigan stuff. Probably still do in a box somewhere in the UK. I’ve been searching lately for some copies locally and looks like they are all out of print with no digital versions I can squeeze into Stanza or sommat on the iPod either. Hmmm. Also was after that Rudy Rucker book we once read – but again out of print.

  2. This was the relevant quote:

    “I worked with Hal Ashby on Tom Robbins’ Another Roadside Attraction, Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Thomas Berger’s Vital Parts, Saul Bellow’s Henderson the Rain King, and Brautigan’s The Hawkline Monster. When Richard wouldn’t do a second draft, Hal asked for my input and I wrote several new scenes. I thought your readers might like to know he [Ashby] had Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman lined up to play the cowboys.”

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